Meet Melissa and Morgan!


An enthusiastic husband and wife team. One with a flair for styling, all things pretty and organization! The other with a mastership for creating out of the box ideas started by a background in lighting & sound technology. We collaborated our passion and expertise because two minds (and four hands) are better than one.  Drumroll……. Lustre Events was born! 

We get the job done with love, laughter, kindness, and endless hard work. We’re inspired by the couples we meet to create an event that reflects their unique relationship and vision. We diminish the stress, infuse joy along the way and are giddy with you all the way down the aisle!


Melissa Lukan

Congratulations on your engagement! My Name is Melissa and I am living my dream planning beautiful, personal weddings with my best friend, my husband. One of the best parts of our job is the meaningful relationships we form with our clients over the months leading up to their special day. It is so important to us to give engaged couples a wedding that actually reflects them as a couple and the values they share together. Do you want to talk flowers, ribbon, glitter, or cake? I'm there! However there is a lot more that goes into planning a successful event that your guests will feel appreciated at and remember forever. Being an integral part of a couples most romantic day is one of the many reasons I smile so much. 


Morgan Lukan

Hello future married couple! My name is Morgan and I love planning weddings! My education background is in sound, lighting, and entertainment. But my passion for weddings came out when I met my wife Melissa. It’s one of the more rewarding jobs I could imagine dedicating myself to and I can promise you my heart goes into every event I plan. I love fresh ideas and know I bring a new perspective to the table. Our main goal is to plan a one of a kind wedding while making it relatively stress free in the meantime. You may hear me laughing a lot because WE MAKE THIS FUN!